British Museum Map V2.0

One of the first projects I ever launched was the British Museum Map (BMM) project. It is a pretty simple Python app running mod_python and with data stored in a MySQL database. In it’s current form it works, but not as well as it could. I was recently pointed to this quote and feel it […]

An Announcement!

So only four entries in and I’m going to break one of the rules I set for myself at the beginning: no skipping ahead. To make a long story short an opportunity has presented itself and in order to rise to the challenge I’ve decided to start blogging in a slightly different way in the […]

Leap into Linux!

So you’ve done your research and now you want to take the plunge and start learning about Linux! You could go about this in many different ways (like having a virtual linux machine), but I’m going to walk you through how I myself went about it. This guide will walk you through the installation of […]