Useful Links

Learning to code can be daunting.

Learning to code at home by yourself can seem impossible.

My approach to this was to gather as many useful websites and tools as I could into a giant list for beginners. Now I share this goodness with you. (Check back for updates!)

Caveat Emptor.


Just Jump In: 

  • Learn Python The Hard Way – A Good Way to Jump in and start today!
  • W3 SQL Tutorial – Learn SQL in your web browser.
  • Koding IDE – Scared of nuking your machine? Program in your web browser on a free Linux based virtual desktop. Code, install packages, generally ‘bash’ things out.


Git and

MySQL Database:

HTML, CSS, & Bootstrap:

  • W3 HTML Tutorial –  A simple and easy way to introduce yourself to HTML.
  • W3 CSS Tutorial – Combine with the above to add some flair to your site!
  • W3 Bootstrap – Learn this popular framework and save yourself lots of time.

WSGI ‘DIY’ Python Web Framework:

  • Python How To – Understand what WSGI is and how you can build your own web framework instead of using something like Django or Flask. This is a great way to learn because it forces you to build and do everything yourself.
  • Python Course WSGI Server – Jump in with you first ‘Hello World’ python website.
  • Python Course Mod Python – Install a local apache server for your python websites.