Django: Models and the Magic of the ORM

Last time in Django: First M, T, and V we covered all the parts of our Model View Template design pattern, pointed Django to the right view, and launched our development server to see what we have created so far. We also created another app within our project folder and changed some of the files […]

An Announcement!

So only four entries in and I’m going to break one of the rules I set for myself at the beginning: no skipping ahead. To make a long story short an opportunity has presented itself and in order to rise to the challenge I’ve decided to start blogging in a slightly different way in the […]

Operating Systems (When You’re Learning to Code)

So you just started looking into coding but you don’t know what operating system you should start learning in? Or perhaps not. Maybe you didn’t even realize this was a subject of debate. Do some minor googling on the issue though and you quickly find that not only does the debate exist but that plenty […]

Hello World!

Welcome to Vox Anguis! This cross between a guide and a blog about getting started with coding came about in the (very) early days of my own journey into the world of programming languages and software development. Originally typed up as random docs in my google drive, I am now publishing these posts for other […]