Hello World!

Welcome to Vox Anguis!

This cross between a guide and a blog about getting started with coding came about in the (very) early days of my own journey into the world of programming languages and software development. Originally typed up as random docs in my google drive, I am now publishing these posts for other beginners as a (hopefully) helping hand to getting started.

#1 Tip: Just Keep Swimming.

I struggled for weeks with my decision to jump into this world mainly because it seemed as though you needed a lot of tech knowledge to even get started. Searching for all the information I thought I needed to know before I began was not only daunting but confusing. So many times I would find myself taking half an hour to read a short explanation of how to do something because I would have to Google every fifth word.

How it can feel to get started.

So in an effort to help others avoid the same pitfalls I have (tried) to document all of the resources, problems, and solutions I encountered on my own journey. I hope you find this guide/blog helpful and if you have any questions or suggestions please either leave a comment or email me at Vox.Anguis@gmail.com!

Click Here for a list of useful links to help you get started!


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